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Holy Qurbono

The Rite of Jerusalem

The inaugural rite of the Qurbana originated from the practices observed in the Church of Jerusalem, mirroring the actions of Our Lord during the Last Supper. Initially dubbed the 'Breaking of Bread' (Acts ii, 42, 46), it later became known as the Eucharist or Thanksgiving, owing to the profound prayer of gratitude embedded within the offering. The fundamental ritual, rooted in Christ's actions, remains consistent: the offering of bread and wine (offertory), their consecration through blessings and the recitation of institution words, the breaking of bread (fraction), and the distribution to disciples (communion).

Initially, this rite was integrated into a communal meal, echoing the Last Supper's setting. However, it swiftly evolved, separating from the meal and incorporating a preliminary service modelled on the Jewish Synagogue practices familiar to the Apostles. This service entailed readings from Scriptures, accompanied by Psalms, prayers, and a sermon. Adopted by the early Church, this service gradually incorporated Christian Scriptures alongside the Old Testament, shaping the structure of the initial segment of the Eucharistic liturgy across all rites up to the present day.

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