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The Holy Qurbono

The Priesthood of the People

Both these rites now incorporate the vernacular language in the liturgy, enabling the faithful to fully engage in the offering of the Holy Sacrifice, thus realising Pope Pius X's vision of the 'full participation of the laity in the liturgy of the Church'. This principle is articulated in the decree on the Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council. However, for effective participation, it is crucial that they comprehend the full significance of their actions and the traditions of their respective rites.

Above all, it's essential that they recognise the congregation as a genuine assembly of the 'people of God', each member sharing in the priesthood of Christ through baptism. Together, they constitute a holy priesthood, as articulated by St. Peter, summoned to 'offer a spiritual sacrifice, which God accepts through Jesus Christ' (1 Peter 2:5). Priests, ministers, and the congregation collectively form the Body of Christ, each fulfilling their distinct role in the offering of the Sacrifice, wherein Jesus Christ himself is present, offering himself through them as the head of the Body.

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